Constant Further Development

The constant readjustment was eliminated; the roller pressure was equally distributed across all rollers from this point onwards.

A further advantage was the fact that rollers with a larger diameter could also be used in this roller head. The normal diameter of the rollers amounted to 110 mm – now rollers with a diameter of up to 190 mm could be used! The objective had been achieved, the life of the rollers were significantly longer. The Arnold / Maschinenfabrik Company had protection of utility patents for this roller head.

However, this wasn’t enough: as a further development of this roller head, a completely new roller stand complete with electronic supply of the roller heads was constructed and patented.

Further new developments included the hydraulically-driven roller machine through to the complete roller line with pay-off reel, descaling, rolling devices and take-up reel.

From 1979, Hans Christian Arnold continued the running of the company inherited from his father and concentrated on the production and repair of premium wire rolling tools.

Horst Busemann and Dirk Suski took over the company in 1991 and continued to run it under the name of Busemann & Suski GbR.

We purchased the rolling tool production from the Josef Salfer GmbH Company from Sachsenkram – a company well known for its precision tools – as an ideal expansion of our production in 2004.

A further milestone in the development of our company then took place in 2008.
The purchase of the rolling tool production incl. the assumption of the personnel of the GSG GmbH Company in Schwerte. The personnel trained on these machines now form part of our quality offensive in order to offer you the best possible service.

We are taking the next step towards quality assurance in 2010. We are one of the first companies in this sector to be certified according to ISO 9001/2008.

With premium quality innovative tools, we will meet your requirements and provide you with reliable wire rolling tools manufactured in Germany all over the world.

We look forward to hearing from you in the event that we have aroused your interest.

Dirk Suski – Drahtwalzwerkzeuge